IPAD-Pro Product Info

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IPAD-Pro is a visual CASE tool builder. It allows software developers to build complex visual tools tailored to their particular requirements or sub apps targeted at niche markets within their specialist problem domain. The resulting tools are built around the IPAD-Pro core and inherit most of the visual functionality, underlying object intelligence and platform independence of IPAD-Pro.

Example sub apps already built and available for evaluation are :
ZMECH - a complete state machine CASE tool
XEBOT - a complete visual application builder
IPAD - a complete intelligent vector drawing package
Source Code Availability
Due to the design of the IPAD-Pro core / sub app API, there is no need to modify the IPAD-Pro core to produce a sub app. The source code for the core is only available under commercial license.

Availability / Evaluation
IPAD-Pro can be evaluated through the restricted sub apps XEBOT, ZMech and IPAD which provide concrete examples of what the IPAD-Pro product can do.

Please direct all purchase enquiries to: sales@xcprod.com

home download demos platforms restrictions help