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Visual application builder and multiplatform execution environment
How XEBOT differs from IPAD-Pro or why you can't build ZMech from XEBOT.

XEBOT does not allow you to do various things which are essential when building an IPAD-Pro sub app (this is different from a normal app such as the calculator example given below). One of them is the ability to create new code objects. You can make a copy of an existing code object and change some of its properties but you cannot change the code objects fundamental properties, you need IPAD-Pro to do that. Normally sub apps do not allow code objects to be exported, but in the case of XEBOT and ZMech the code objects are exportable so that the developer can get a feel for what's going on in a complete sub app and use these as templates for building his/her own sub app. Having changed the exported code objects, you cannot import them again in the hope of generating a new sub app.

So how do you customize ZMech using XEBOT?

By using the ZMech enabled version of XEBOT (xebot_tmpl) available from the ZMech distribution web page. Simply run ZMech, open a new window, load xebot_tmpl into it and away you go.

xebot_base - XEBOT interface (defined using xebot)
This is part of the standard XEBOT distribution package.
This is the complete XEBOT interface. Modifying this lets you tailor XEBOT itself. From it you would normally build your customized xebot_tmpl

xebot_tmpl - XEBOT control templates
This is part of the standard XEBOT distribution package.
This is what you would normally build an app from. It is a sub set of xebot_base. To use it simply run XEBOT, open a window, load xebot_tmpl into it, open another window and copy the controls from the template to your work sheet. For more details look at some of the xebot demos.

xebot_demo - boiler temperature monitor
This is part of the standard XEBOT distribution package.

calc - fully functional virtual calculator
This is a proper app that runs in the self contained execution environment of IPAD-Pro

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