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ZMech is a complete visual CASE tool that allows complex event driven systems to be interactively designed and debugged using the state machine paradigm.

  • Built using the multiplatform IPAD-Pro core it is completely configurable and extendable (the XEBOT package and various animated demos available from this site show how this can easily be done).
  • Examples
    crisis - priority encoder state machine

    This is a ready to run example incorporating four interacting state machines produced using ZMech. Clicking on the inputs (drawn on the diagram) causes events to be seen by the state machines, any state changes to be traced (states and paths highlighted showing the route taken) and any output changes to be seen at the outputs (drawn on the diagram). Note that in this example the state machines interact with each other through their inputs and outputs and do not send each other any events.

    home download demos platforms restrictions help

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